Just out of curiosity is there anyone out there who would like to take over Lair of the Lizardmin for a month or two (and possibly longer)?  By take over I mean you write and draw the strip and then either upload your stuff to the site yourself or send it to me to upload.  I feel like I’ve hit yet another dead end with the Min so I thought it would be cool to see what someone else could do with them.

If you’d like to give it a go draw up at least two strips (I post them at 800 by 560 pixels in PNG format) and send them to me at eroomba (that’s at  I’ll take a look and see if it looks like it will work on the site then I’ll let you know.

Most likely there won’t be any new Lizardmin strips in the meantime.  If something funny pops in my head for the Min to do I’ll draw it up but it won’t be weekly updates for a while.

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  1. It’s tempting, but sadly I don’t think I have the chops to take over a comic…

  2. I wish I could, I love the setting and the concept. It’s possible I could even come up with strip ideas or even a short series. However, my visual art skills make “xkcd” look like Michaelangelo…

  3. What’s your deadline?

  4. There’s not really a deadline. Just whenever you get it done.

  5. There are so many threads that are just begging to be pulled:

    Emil the Wizardlizardmin has a magic wand. However, it’s been used up conjuring New North Lizard City. What happens when New North Lizard City’s Department of Inadvisable Scientific Research decides it would be useful to find a way to “recharge” it?

    The survivors from Old North Lizard City were abandoned and mocked by the other Lizard Cities. Now that they have a city again – floating, no less, and with a perversely diverse population – how do they respond? Secession? Invasion? Economic competition? Begging to be allowed back into Lizardmin society?

    The last issue demonstrated that New North Lizard City has both Transmogrification (or at least de-transmogrification) technology AND age-reversal capability. Who is officially in charge back in Central Lizard City? Are they old, feeble, and possibly senile? If news of New North Lizard City’s breakthroughs reaches Central, what happens when the leader shows up expecting to be rejuvenated (and perhaps is accidentally remogrified into a Gorillamin?)

    There could be some fun when someone gets the bright idea of using New North Lizard City’s brilliant cloning technology to clone the city’s fiercest warrior to form an elite military force of their own to counter and combat the Gorillamin threat, and the city and its nearby surroundings ends up being patrolled by copies of Ecktar…

  6. Good stuff! Now get someone to draw all that up so I can put it up here!

  7. I gotta’ say it, Al. *Your* voice is what makes this strip work. There’s a quirkiness to the whole thing that I don’t think other people could fake. No offense to anyone else, but I’d rather have a few strips by you every couple of months, than a regular schedule of strips done by other people.

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