I am working on this page. I swear. There will be real information and a much nicer presentation here soon. No kidding. In the meantime, here’s a really quick rundown on some stuff:

The Lizardmin – The heroes of our shenanigans. They’re a relatively civilized and semi-advanced civilization that lives in a large, walled city. The walls are there to protect them from their self-designated mortal enemies, the Gorillamin. Each adult is assigned to one of the City Departments: The Department of Defense and Security, The Maintenance Department, The Department of Administration, The Science Department, The Department of Medicine, The (newly created) Musicians and Artisans Department, or The (also newly created) Lizardmin Navy. There are also a special, advanced type of Lizardmin called the Elite Commandos and a small squad of normal Lizardmin that assist them called (appropriately) the Elite Commando Support Squad. Our action takes place in North Lizard City. There are five other Lizard Cities (East, West, South, and the capital Central Lizard City) but they are all much farther south. North Lizard City was built far to the North as an experiment to see what interesting things they would encounter farther away from the greater Lizardmin populace.

The Gorillamin – The Lizardmin’s mortal enemies. Not much is known about them so stop asking.

The TurtleminTurtlemin are actually just Lizardmin that have had their dormant shell gene activated. They’re much more common in the southern Lizard Cities. Only a few have come up to the north.

The OctopoidsThe Octopoids are large, floating octopus-type creatures. They were the first new intelligent species with which the North Lizardmin came in contact. As such, they were also the first to establish an embassy in North Lizard City. They’ve even built an exchange program with the Lizardmin nursery. Their mortal enemies are the Fishmin. Oh, and the reason their Octopoids instead of Octomin is because their not even close to a humanoid form.

The ShrimpminThe Shrimpmin are small creatures first encountered by the survivors of the original North Lizard City while they were roaming in the wild. They may have gone a bit soft and happen to be delicious.

The Fishmin The Fishmin have just recently established an embassy in North Lizard City, mostly because the Octopoids had done it. They’re basically big fish in reverse scuba suits.

The RobotminThe Robotmin were created by a Lizardmin scientist. They seemed to work pretty well so he built a bunch of them to help out around the city.

The CreatureHmmm…

The GhostminThe Ghostmin were just recently discovered by the Lizardmin. We’ll have to see what happens…

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