Hey, you all remember the awesome 3D Lizardmin Mark Largent did a while back, right (I’m posting the pic again down below)? Well, he has a Kickstarter project up to fund an animated Star Trek parody using 3D puppets. You should most definitely head over there and contribute if you like his stuff (and why wouldn’t you?)!!

Mark Largent's 3D Lizardmin

Hey, everyone, guess what?! I’m starting a new comic and you should all go check it out and tell all your friends about it! It’s beyond yonder! The site is still isn’t 100% complete (it’s close, though) so there may be a few small bugs. I’m going to try and update it on Tuesdays for now (Lizardmin is still on Wednesdays). Go over there (, that is) and take a look and leave some comments letting me know what you think!

Yes, you there! Are you new to the site? Have you been coming for a while but never commented? Have you commented a lot and feel like commenting EVEN MORE?! Then please respond to this post and introduce yourself and/or give everyone some links to some cool places on the good ol’ internet that you think your fellow Lizardmin readers will enjoy. Please be nice and don’t put links to things that will annoy people or get them in trouble. I will have to delete your comment if you do so.

Okay, everyone, I’m sorry about this but I’m going to try putting a few smaller ads up here on the site. I’ve been paying for ads on other sites for this site for a while and I’d like to see if I can make at least a tiny bit of money to offset that cost. I’ve been really happy that this has been an ad-free site for this long, though, and I’m sorry you have to look at them now. If they get too aggravating I’ll take them back off. Please let me know in the comments if you have an opinion about this one way or the other!

Hello, all! I think it’s been a while since I mentioned most of these sites so I’m going to mention them again just as a reminder to current readers and to let new readers know about them.

First of all, if you want to ask me any questions head on over to my Formspring page and ask away. There was at least one question there I missed when it was originally asked a while back and I just answered it.

Next, if you want to see some awesome art by my brother and the (very) occasional doodle by myself, check out our art blog, Hula Ula Art. I actually just posted a few pictures from the 2011 version of the Moore calendar we make for our family members each year.

It hasn’t updated in a VERY long time, but my brother draws a strip we write together called the other side of nature. We keep talking about getting more done but it’s always a day away.

You can always look back at the Bug & Worm archives to see my old pixel comics and other odd Bug & Worm stuff.

Maybe I should add these links over there on the side bar? Yes? No? I’m also still trying to work out some sort of “About” page for Lizardmin that will help out new readers. I’m not sure why I’m so stumped on how I should make it, though.

Thanks for reading, everyone!!

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